I have crushes easily, and when it happens it lasts long?

7 months ago there was this guy i really liked. i saw him once or twice before, i realised i had a crush. we were both in a external event that happens once or twice every few months, but can see each a couple times to zero each week. Fast forward, there was a camp and i noticed him looking at me a few times (5months later) So i thought there was a small chance of him liking me and mostly everyone in that event group knew i had a crush on someone.

He dmed me on instagram after finding out i played the guitar too, and we talked. he told me he knew about this crush thing i had and wanted to know who was it. we played his whole crush game where i guess his and he guessed mine. long story short he actually liked a close friend of mine in the event with me and not me (i had a lot of hope)

the fluttering of my heart disappeared, it was like every time i looked at him i couldn't help he admire his beauty and how handsome he is? i felt so, warm when i saw him.

recently another guy in the event caught my eye after THE close friend started pushing me towards him. i had some vibes that he might like him but it was just his overall weird personality. he was cool, but very egotiscal/ appearance wised´╝î he is cute tho. (i find everyone cute?) and he's pretty tall and an ideal person with his personality (sometimes offensive) he's attractive.

but i soon realised that this wasn't going to work. he ignore my texts all the time, we streak in snapchat but barely; and we only spoke like a paragraph with one another in the last 5 months.

here's the thing; one senior guy from my school actually was pretty cool. i thought that he was really nice and friendly and he even said so himself, he calls me 'gurl' and we talked only once in real life, mostly over texts and snaps. he has a few girlfriends? the ex is still on his account with his current girlfriend. very confusing signals. but i'm deciding to focus more on academics instead? what should i do?
confess to tall dude
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I have crushes easily, and when it happens it lasts long?
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