Why do guys play these games?

Basically met a guy who I thought was cute, we hung out at the beach our first day and ended up making out and doing some stuff but didn't go all the way. Before our hangout we were texting and he began to follow me on insta and snapchat. He also kept asking why "i chose him" and that "he's surprised I do not have a bf". Now, many of the things he said alarmed me as stuff only a guy who wants to f*** would say. I let him know that I am not a booty call/or one night stand kind of girl. We also clarified that we were open to seeing how things went not opposing a relationship if we hit it off.
The second night we hung out we ended up going all the way... even though I basically kept saying no, I finally gave in cuz (man, hormones). I will admit it was amazing, as he also enjoyed it. Right after it happened we both had to leave and I was acting a bit distant just because I was sort of appalled that I let this happen. We kissed goodbye, however I gave no interest in the kiss. He also told me to text him once I arrived to my destination... which I never did. The following day I texted basically saying "my bad for how weird I acted afterwards'', he didn't reply. Hours later I noticed he unfollowed me on instagram... but is continuing to follow me on snapchat. ***this last sentence is pathetic I know, but for some reason believe that is just some sort of mind game he is playing?
I have given up any excitement for us to make this go further in terms of becoming official and just want to be friends with benefits or something but like... is he seriously playing a game with me?
I texted him last night "screw it, if you're in town come over" He actually replied saying he was not in town and with his friends basically stuck there and I left him on "read". He later replies "ok". So I don't know, a part of me believes he is playing some game with me, WHY do guys do this? omg grow up.
Why do guys play these games?
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