Am I a shitty person for doing this to my date?

So I met up a guy on OKC few weeks ago, we talked a bit on OKC and then he gave me his number. I was reluctant to text him, but few days later I did, even truth he did not force me and still kept talking with me over OKC before we started texting back and forth and calling each other. So yesterday we met up for Sushi.

I will say this the guy was pretty good looking, more good looking then his OKC photos made him to be, sadly he was bit short for my preferences at 5' 7" (I'm 5' 5", btw) but even so I have to admit I had loads of fun. We talked, laughed and had great time. He even paid the whole bill for the dinner which was over $100 dollars.

Once we left the building he asked me if I needed a ride back home, I said sure. We started walking to his car and boom, to my surprise it was his work pickup truck. I asked him if this is his car, and he said "Yep, this is my work/personal vehicle. Why?" to which I responded "Oh, just curious". He works as a Plumber by the way. I don't know after seeing his car I kind of lost the interest of him taking me back home, even truth the inside of his cabin was clean, like super clean. So I made a bullshit excuse and told him I forgot a friend of mine is picking me up. He was bit surprised as I could tell by his facial expression and I was pretty embarrassed, won't lie I felt pretty stupid.

So he wished me safe trip back home and left. After he left I texted a friend and she picked me up. She asked me about the date and I told her the same story as I just did, she said I'm stupid and I guess I was stupid, I regret it now but it's bit too late. I haven't texted the guy since yesterday and just went cold turkey on him.

So I need some help of telling him I'm not interested in him, without making it seem like his work car ruined it all. What would be some good ways to go about it?

Am I a shitty person for doing this to my date?
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