I dont make my boyfriend laugh. Should I worry?

My boyfriend and I met through a mutual friend. It's a long. . . dramatic story, but um we had both gone to the same school but never noticed each other I had moved away and our friend in a way. . . hooked us up via phone. Now we've been dating for over a year. We've face timed, went on dates, hung out, but not a WHOLE lot considering the time we've been together because I'm so far away. I was a state over from him then I moved to another country­čśĺ. Though, I digress, basically you read it in the title; I dont make him laugh. Like its sooooo rare. And typically I'm a pretty goofy funny chick. I always make people laugh. I admit I'm still kind of shy around him, so maybe that's it? I don't know it just bothers me. Can a relationship last when one person can't make the other laugh? I know people get together with other people solely because they've made them laugh. I don't know. . . should I be worried?
I dont make my boyfriend laugh. Should I worry?
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