How do I tell if he actually likes me?

So there's this guy who just so happens to be my best friends brother. I've liked him for a very very long time and he's only 1 or 2 years older then me which I don't think is bad. anyway. I spent the night at my friends house and he was flirting with me like crazy! we got so close to kissing until his mom came into the living room and we pretended we were asleep. lol but I guess what I'm trying to ask is how to I get him to try and kiss me again and how do I tell if he actually likes me?


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  • Kiss him next time you see him and let him ask you out.

    • Im trying to think of a way to kinda do it sneakly so my friend doesn't see just in case she gets mad at me.. but I mean I don't think she should because you can't help it if you really like some one you know? I didn't get mad at her when she almost went out with my ex boyfriend... so yeah. lol. do you know a fun silly way I could kiss him just in case its awkward?

    • Next time you talk hear what he has to say and just put your arms around his neck and wisper in his ear that you find him very handsome. Then let go and talk a little more ; and before you leave say," come here for a minute". And give him a peck on the lips.

    • Okk. thanks for your help!

      i might be hangin out with him later with a bunch of his and my friends soo mabey I'll try it and let you know how it goes? lol

      thanks again(:

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  • I'd say he likes you if he tried to kiss you... go out with him... then you can have that moment again...

    • But the thing I'm worried about is it was all a bluff and he was just flirting.. but I'm scared to ask him incase I'm right and then I'll look stupid. lol. I think I'm thinking this through too much huh..? =/

    • Yeah... overthinking kills it... I know exactly how you feel though... there's this guy I like and I dissect every thing he does... and ask zillions (ok...not zillions... 3) questions about him on here... but in the end, you never really know until you try... :)

    • Thats very true.. lol

      i asked the other person this already but do you have any ideas of a fun flirty or silly way to kiss him because I don't wanna be all serious and romantic and make it know?

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