Is this guy flaking or os ot something else?

Last weekend hooked up with this guy all weekend - he stayed over, we talked, got on well, joked about marrying me, asked to stay longer as enjoyed talking to me. Over the week he tried to meet up but I was busy so we settled on Sat.

So we met Sat eve. Had fun. Sunday 11am he texts to say it was amazing - fancy going again. I reply that I'm up for it if he is. Back and forth a bit. Decide on 3pm. He usually texts when on way but got to 3.20 and he messages apologising for falling asleep (had a feeling he had.) I then say are we still meeting. He asks if we can call it 7pm - I ask if we can do any earlier and he apologises to say no. I say 7pm it is then and ask him to text when on way. He comes back with "perfect - will do x" 7.30 comes around so I drop him a text saying "are we still meeting tonight?" and no response. He was not on the hook up site for the next few hours or had read my message but now it's showing as read and he's been on the site the next day. What's up with this? Very odd as he was initiating loads and on Sat he went OUT OF HIS WAY to come and see me despite being busy that evening. Any thoughts?

My theories:

1) Absolute idiot
2) Fell asleep and too ashamed to come grovelling
3) Testing for my reaction
4) Had a better offer from another girl (buts urely you'd text me to keep someone on the backburner?)
5) Other?

Is this guy flaking or os ot something else?
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