Guys, Why would a guy show a woman pictures of his ex?

I have been friends with this guy for a couple of months now. We talk daily and the bond feels a lot stronger than typical guy/girl friendship. He is always doing little, thoughtful things for me and he is very respectful and sweet. I am fairly certain he is interested in something deeper than friendship, but is an admitted slow mover with "no game" Recently he and I were hanging out after a few drinks and he started showing me pictures of his ex's on FB. It was random and completely out of the blue. His comments were like "i dated this girl in HS. She has a hot body" and "this was my ex, her butt and boobs were perfect" It made me uncomfortable, because although i believe i am an attractive woman, my body is no where near as nice as theirs. My first instinct was that he was showing me i do not stack up to these women physically so i have no shot of escaping the friend zone, but i also know he is very insecure about himself and thought maybe he was looking for validation that I think he is worthy of dating since he can score these "hot chicks"

From a guys perspective, what would motivate you to do something like that?

Footnote:i have not and will not make the first move with this guy. I lack the confidence to be that bold lol
Guys, Why would a guy show a woman pictures of his ex?
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