Why does my ex boyfriend text me but when I text back he stops?

all in the question ^^


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  • Kinda sounds like he still wants to make sure he has some control over you (by getting you to respond to his texts). After that, he's not really interested in continuing a conversation.


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  • Just trying to get a rise out of you. My sister's exbf always used to call her or text her and say "it's an emergency please call immediately" and she'd call him to make sure things were ok and he'd be with a girl or friends or someone and he'd say "oh it's [name] again, she won't stop calling me"

    it's pathetic, but guys do it. girls do too. it's just a game.

  • I agree he is just seein if he has you where he wants you which is stupid. Next time when he sends it don't respond to the first one he will then be curious and text you again after maybe the third one text back and when he asks why you didn't text sooner say my bad I was busy but whatsup. His ass needs to wonder not think that he has got you on command some men are sooooo stupid really.

    • Does he have some sort of control issue then? I've never had any problems with other guys... maybe those guys were NORMAL lol

    • Maybe a little bit of one there are a lot of guys like that though they want to feel wanted you know what I mean but try what I said and let me know the results.

    • Alright I will. Hopefully I get a text soon so I can test it haha