I really do like him, but I still have standards - what do I do?

When I was in college I worked at a McDonald's, where I made a few friends -- and one special friend. He's a few years younger than me (I was 22, and he was 19.) but we always spent our shifts joking around. It made work hella enjoyable actually. Fast forward 3 years and here we are still really good friends. He's a really sweet guy, and we get on so so well, and I thought maybe at one point I might even like him as more than a friend. Except, he's still working there and still lives at home. He did go to college but isn't doing anything with his diploma. But he treats me like no one ever has before. Anyways, according to my friend he's been wanting to make a move on me for a long time -- and he did last night, and it felt so right -- but I still have my standards. "go getters" "career oriented" "doesn't live with parents anymore" those types. But again, according to my friend she's told him all that about me. That that's what I look for in a partner. He basically said "challenge excepted, she's worth it".

So now what? I do really like him, and feel like such a jerk when I say he might not quite "fit my standards". Should I just wait and see what happens? Do I be upfront about what I want?
I really do like him, but I still have standards - what do I do?
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