My boyfriend thinks im a sl^t?

My boyfriend thinks im a sl^t ?

My boyfriend and i have been together for 4 months and when we were friends i told him everything that happened in my past, like how many people i slept with (3) and how i mistakenly had sex with a guy that i wasn't dating during the time. and when we got together he started throwing that in my face. One day i was at work and the guy was having his friends harass me and i told my boyfriend that the guy harassed me at work and my boyfriend could only say, "You were easy/ you were an easy target " which hurt and we ended up not talking for like a day. And he continued to kind of shame me for my past and shadely call me a hoe without calling me a hoe (if that makes sense) then today we were talking and he said that this girl was gonna have a road trip down where he lived and see him (before we even met) and so i said yeah that's what that guy said to me. so my boyfriend asked what i was gonna do with him, so i told him i was just gonna show him around (i'm in cali and the guy i was friends with was in baltimore) then my boyfriend texted me this (the pic above) even though i TOLD HIM i was gonna see him just to show him around california and my city. and then he was like "Show him around in your bedroom." and then i just said okay. i'm just gonna hang up the phone. so he said no. and i ended up hanging up. and that's when he started texting me that stuff. we're in a long distance relationship and i was gonna see him in June but i'm just thinking about cancelling and not seeing him until maybe a couple months later.
My boyfriend thinks im a sl^t?
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