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alright so, this girl moved into my school this year and she was very pretty. there was a lot of hype about her and the first time I saw her I was in awe. I didn't believe in love at first sight but after that day I did. towards the end of the school year we started talking we were kinda together once but it ended because of a misunderstanding. then after I tried being with three other girls I realized how she was perfect for me, so I told her I still liked her and we started going out.

it has been three months now and I'm pretty sure I love her but things she has been doing have really been making me mad lately.we don't hang out a lot, maybe once a week and I get pissed cause she can never do anything. we have never gotten in a fight before and I don't see how. Its summer and I've been to a lot of parties and I really miss being single and free, but I also don't want to lose her.at least that's what I think


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  • One thing to think about is that, in life, there is a timing for everything. I know what it's like to be in your boat, so I understand. I think that once you understand "timing" in life, things can be a bit easier to accept or understand. If you're feeling that you are getting pissed at her and want to be free, it's probably because you need some space. She may be feeling the same way too at this time. I had to come to terms with this recently in a relationship of mine as well. My girl and I are taking a 3 month break from each other right now (mostly due to circumstances), but it doesn't mean that we don't still love each other. I also have several other friendships in which I sometimes do not see or hear from my friends for several months, but it doesn't mean that we're not still friends. It just means that we may need some time off from each other at times. I had to come to terms with the fact that we can take breaks from each other, but we are still together - just like a vacation! Both of us really love each other, but we also need our space, and we both know that if we don't get our space, we would probably end up breaking up, because no matter how much we love each other, we both need to have time apart now and then to be able to breathe, and think and do other things. Since we are still "together," but just apart at this time, we are not seeing anyone else and we still talk. We just don't hang out or really do anything together because we are doing other stuff. I know that all of this probably sounds strange, but I've come to accept it. Also, if you just come to accept it, it makes life a lot easier for both of you than trying to fight to stay together if you both really need a break. One way that you'll know it's time to take a break from each other is when little things start to really bother you or when things start to build up and get on your nerves. This is a hint that it's break-time! I can guarantee you that if you are getting to this point and don't take a break, you may regret it in some way! I hope you will think about what I'm saying! Good luck! :) (Remember "Timing!" ha ha)


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  • I've been through this, so hopefully this ill help.

    Me and my "man" met a couple months ago. Met him at a party, I could tell he saw something in me.

    >>>>>>>> Fast Forwarding

    I fell for him:)

    My brothers have a problem with our age difference 17- 20.

    So I barely see him since, ( once a month ) I'm scared my brothers will do something to him:(

    We talk evreyday and night on the phone.

    We reached an agreement, that we would marry when I get older.

    He said he didn't mind if I dated guys my age, so that I'd be sure he's really what I want.

    I told him to do the same, the thought of it made me hurt so badly.

    But I knew It'd be the right thing to do.

    Evreyone needs their freedom, I understand you, but if you love her like you said go have fun, but have your priorities in sight, you don't want to lose her, then don't do anything that'll hurt her or you in the future.


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