girlfriend says she's busy all the time?

it's been quite a while since we had a real talk. my girlfriend says she's busy all the time she doesn't call. well I understand that she just had a job which takes around 10 hours of her each day! I respect the fact that she's able to work so hard to become what she wants to. I support her completely. But it's really starting to get awkward that I'm the only one calling her, pinging her, where is usually replies back in anger or say mean stuffs to me. I rea
I like her so I apologize for disturbing her, then comes the next day and the cycle continues... I'm really getting tried because I can't figure it out that she doesn't even have time to talk to me, even if I she her online. maybe she's talking to someone else and ignoring me. it's the ignorance that messes up my mind! I can't really figure out what does she really want? I mean she calls me so many times when she needs something, after that nothing. sometimes I feel like alan from two and half men, trying my best to do whatever she wants and needs and I get nothing in return not even a thank you. it's staying to get into my mind. I've tried talking about this with my bestie she says leave her, she's using me. and when I try to leave her she cries and says stuffs like if you'll be happy with this breakup then she'll be happy! it's kinda emotional gameplay I can tell. So, guys, girls out here! got any suggestions on what should I do? have you ever been into any kindof situation like this? any advice would really help.
girlfriend says she's busy all the time?
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