Why should I be the torch bearer of her slutty past?

I met a girl, who is a gorgeous young lady of 21 years old,. first time out of home in her college.
She said she wanted to explore her sexuality and she had a lot of one night stands and had a promiscuous past.
She even got engaged to a dude, and was living in a live-in relation with that dude.

Now , she met me, and she though I could be the man she wants to marry but I feel like an idiot who is left with left overs and while other guys pumped and dumped her.
I know she thinks Im real deal but hey, she felt that dude was the real deal too when she got engaged to him.
Should I dump her or just keep her as friends with benefits?
I dont want her as my girlfriend.
Dump her dude. Her past is too slutty to be good for a healthy long term relationship.
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Past is past, she is young and she made a mistake, Give her a chance.
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Keep her as a friends with benefits. She is incapable of being loyal to anyone.
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Why should I be the torch bearer of her slutty past?
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