We were hanging out all the time and then he dropped off the face of the earth?

we had been hanging everyday for a few weeks and texting and talki9ng on the phone he texted me he missed me and couldn't wait to see me and the last time I saw him he dropped me off and said he'd call me when he got outta the gym and didn't. then he called me at midnight and was like what are you doing? well duh, I didn't say it but I told him I was tired and in bed. he's like well I won't insist you come over then and said wed talk tomorrow. then his calls and texts stopped? I don't get it. then he texts me today asking what I'm doing? what does he want me to do? what should I do?

oh and when we met he said he was 23 and come to find out he's really 19? why would he lie initially? I really don't care that he's 19 I liked him l.


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  • It seems that he's trying hard to impress you. Not quite worth the guy.


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