The guy I like commented on another girls photo?

He has been showing obvious signs of liking me for a long time. I mean, he ignored me for about 2 months (idk why) then he randomly texted me a couple days ago... He invited me to hang on the weekend, he even offered to borrow his parents car without permission to pick me up! (Because I couldn't get a ride)... but I was looking at one of this girls Instagram account today, and I saw that he commented "fine asf" on her photo 3 weeks ago. I don't know what's up with that, even tho it was 3 weeks ago I still don't know. I've liked this guy since January and it kinda hurts to see that. We get along so well, we used to talk a lot more... Also we still haven't hung out cuz I never get a ride (my moms always busy and I don't drive)... so I don't know :(
Maybe he likes you now, and used to like her, keep talking to him
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He just wants sexual stuff
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He's being friendly
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Other (please explain)
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The guy I like commented on another girls photo?
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