Girls would you ever date a guy with the same last name as you?

Whether you have a common or uncommon last name. It would work well if you want to keep your last name in the first place. So yeah, just wondering would you date someone who has the same last name as you, or would you automatically put him in the friend zone?

  • Yeah, I wouldn't mind
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  • Hell no, if I am going to date a guy, we aren't ever going to have the same last name.
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  • No.
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  • honestly, probably automatically in the friend zone. my last name is somewhat uncommon and I live in kentucky, so I can just imagine people's reactions :/ haha. I'd also like to get rid of it.. I really hate spelling it out to people and listening to them butcher it. if I really liked the guy, then I'd try to get past this, but it'd be hard.


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  • last names are just last names. who cares! I voted yes. :)

    a persons last name doesn't change their personality XD

  • no because its creepy... and people will assume your related... etc... I just think it'd be weird... and you never know they could be long lost family especially if your like me and have seperated parents

    • Well I can see if the last name is uncommon but not a common last name. besides what a lot of people don't realize is relation through the mother side tends to be more common but less noticeable. and in a way every guy you end up with is most likely a long lost relative of some sort just depends on how far you go back Now see for me my last name is pretty common, but my moms last name and my grandmas last name aren't common so I think that is more likely to creep me out than some1 with my last name

  • As long as we're not related. xD


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