Was I too forward?

Ok, so towards the end of last year I met this guy who worked at a store next door to mine. I went in there a few times & we talked a bit, got to know generic info about each other. He asked me for my FB one day & added me, but he never messaged me (I messaged him once asking about his New Year's but that was it). I was interested in him but when I didn't hear from him online or see him since I had left that work in Jan, I just left it at that & basically figured he wasn't interested (also he is 2 years younger and I assumed he wasn't going to make an effort lol)

So a few days ago, after months have passed, he messaged me late at night but I replied the next day.

Him - How you been?
Me - not bad, hbu? How is Uni?
Him - Pretty good. Lot of work.
Me - I bet, since it's your second year. Do you still go to town much? (meaning clubbing, as he once suggested I join him for nye)
Him - yeah it is. not really. Hbu?
Me - not often but I might this week for a bday
Him - oh really that's good. What are you doing tonight?
Me- Nothing really cos I have early classes the whole week.
Him - yeah same. Where do you live? (This was a strange question to me)
I replied and asked him where he does out of curiosity. I then said we should "go to town then one day if you're ever there"
Him - when are you free?
Me - not sure, probably until next week but u can let me know whenever you are.
Him- I am free wed and Thurs mornings and normally weekends.
Me- alright I will get back to you then
Him - Ok sounds good
End of convo

So basically, I'm not sure why he has messaged me in what seems randomly. I felt like his answers were brief but he texted first so it was sorta confusing, but I thought I'd take a risk and suggest vaguely about hanging out. Should I actually try and follow through to meet up with him, or do I come across as too forward? If I'm honest, I don't see a relationship potential here (anymore) but I'm fine with some fun for now.. I've been burned too much lately!

Was I too forward?
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