(confused af) does he hate me? like me?

hey ^=^ soooo... uhm... i have reached out to absolutely every possible thing that could help me. maybe you guys are the answer i've been waiting for.
there was this guy back in the day.
we met online, and talked every. fricking. day. for at least 4 hours.
Skype, facebook, etc.
one day, he told me he was in love with me.
i was dating at the time, and even though i liked his personality and appearance, i couldn't approach him and say so. so we left that behind us and continued talking normally.
that exact boyfriend i had at the time later broke up with me horribly, and i got depressed...
i was before cheerful, happy and bouncy. and i didn't want to show my online friends this... sad-ass faceta i had acquired.
so i left, without never saying goodbye to anyone. even to him.
he sent me messages from time to time.
after about 5 messages all from different months, telling me about his life was going he stopped.
i came back after almost 3 years.
and he was hella receptive and nice when i said 'hi'.
uh... we talked.
he sent me a kinda naughty pic, and i didn't know how to react.
it wasn't creepy, just surprising. came out of the blue.
i was kinda... not that much receptive, brushing the photo off.
and he got cold.
then he began ignoring me.
my messages.
until the day i talked about how i had a crush on him, in the past. he then talked to me, was even receptive, and he then said it wasn't 'just a crush'. he was ADDICTED to me.
i said i was going to something in college, and when i came back i tried changing the subject so it didn't became awkward and desperate in his view.
he wasn't very keen of that, and got cold again.
until he stopped messaging me, even though he was online.
i sent a text to him, saying why i left in detail, and said i wasn't gon' bother him anymore.
he didn't answer.
i got on my old profile where the friendship began, checked his profile, and he had post it 'if you have a crush on me, tell me. you never know when i'll kill myself'.
+1 y
(2) but... once again, he has a lot of prettier, nicer girl friends that didn't left him to rot.
i told my mom since it was bothering me so much, so much that one of my old best friends was treating me like trash, and she told me to try again, but less serious.
i tried joking around. i'm pretty good at funny, when i try.
told him i missed us, talking the night away.
and that if he didn't miss it and i was annoying, he could simply tell me so and i would stop.
he never answered that either...
+1 y
(3) I don't know what is happening? does he hate me? does he have a crush on me, still (that's impossible though)? does he want me to tell i still like him? is he still hurt by the past?
i feel this heavy thing in my heart, telling me i should try once more when he is actually online, but at the same time i'm so afraid of annoying him to the point he doesn't want to talk to me ever again.
but... it hurts, so much. aw man... I don't know. any ideas?
(confused af) does he hate me? like me?
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