He doesn't seem to care anymore. What do I do?

My boyfriend and I have been dating a little over a year now. Its been up and down a lot, more down. He has a bad tendency to assume what I'm going to say and flips out and get extremely rude and blames me for everything. Example I would tell him in these words "how you acted just now hurt my feelings and I didn't appreciate it, please will you not do that in the future?" And then the next thing I know he is throwing insults at me and telling me that I always cause fights and I make him so miserable and he can never do what he wants and I'm destroying his life, garnished with insults such as I'm stupid and I don't use my brain and I'm a bitch. This has caused me not to trust him emotionally and I have fallen out of love with him. I have tried different strategies been nicer but he has told me that the only way I can fix it is if he does something wrong I keep my mouth shut and not cause shit. I have told him how his behaviour is effecting my affection and his response exact words are "likewise". When I try to ask him why he just says, "ahh I don't want to go into it, just leave me alone." I've kept my mouth shut but this just gives him more reason to say to me that I'm quiet because I know his right and I'm the only one making this relationship miserable. There is so much more to it, I recently found out that I'm pregnant. I honestly don't want to be with him anymore. His parent's are forcing us to get married and I just don't think he is ready. Honestly I don't think he even wants to be with me or even loves me. I think before the news of the baby he was about to break up with me even though he says he never will, I just can't understand how someone can treat another human that he apparently loves this way. I can't leave because I have no family but myself and on my salary I cannot afford a child. He refuses to see someone.

Please help. I'm so lost and freaking out and feel like I'm never going to make it.
He doesn't seem to care anymore. What do I do?
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