What should I do? What would you do?

there's two guys...

Guy A you have so much in common with, he respect you, has basically all the qualities you look for in a partner plus some. (You dont know him well enough to discover your dislikes) You love hanging around him too, he makes you happy and you guys have a ton of fun together Let’s just say that he has everything but you are not physically attracted from the moment you first met. (So far I met him twice)… we plan on being friends for a awhile and just getting to know eachother more but we know we aren’t friendzoned. Could physical attraction grow overtime? To be honest, I rather physical attraction be the last thing but who knows if it will come! Maybe after being friends for like a year and I get to know him the physical attraction will change. He is not completely ugly.. We are going to keep going on adventures with each other. However, I do think he is physically attracted to me already.

Guy B, I met him once. He is nice but I do not know him well. He doesn’t respect me as much as the other guy does and the other guy notices my value. I also know that there’s several important things to me, that me and this guy do not have in common (doesn’t mean that they can't change overtime know cause they can).. However, I am more physically attracted to this guy.. maybe its just lust?
1 y
Well everyone, it has been two years and I have been with Guy A. Physical attraction grew like no other. I love him so much and plan to spend my whole life with him. We have been together for almost 2 years now <3
What should I do? What would you do?
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