How do I tell her i'm not interested anymore?

Ok so i know i sound like an a-hole, but i got this girl to like me, i liked her too, but i don't anymore?

We're not dating, she tried to ask me out but i wasn't really having it... she's just not my type..
When i started talking to her and eventually started flirting, i was sad and just needed somebody to be there for me...
we basically spammed eachother messages until we fell asleep & now she's trying to date me.

& No you can't say i used her for sex, i never brought sex up, she did but i honestly didn't.

i have slowed down on sending her messages & we don't see eachother anymore because school ended.
i'm just not interested anymore... what do i do?

I'm not saying i want her to stop messaging me but... i mean like.. slow down...
maybe like a message every 5 - 10 minutes? she literally messages me.5 seconds later...

i know she likes me but i don't see how its going to work out plus she's not really my type...
How do I tell her i'm not interested anymore?
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