She canceled on our hook up date twice?

So I met this 33 year old girl through a dating app (I'm 25). We exchanged numbers and I set up a date. She sent me a message on the day of the date and said she may not show up since she's going to Long Island and doesn't know when the train is going back to the city. So I shrugged it off and postponed it for 3 days later (which was yesterday). During that period, we texted and sexed for one night. Yesterday she sent me a message and apologize and said her debit card was blocked and had to go get it fixed and had a bunch of other shit to catch up with, so she can't make it. I asked her if she wanted to just meet at my place and she said she's a mess and needs to go home and shower. I sent her her a text after a few hours and asked her if she's coming or not. She replied today and said she is free after 5pm.

WHATS GOING ON? Should I teach this chick a lesson and tell her I won't be able to make it today and make plans for a different day or just meet her today?
She canceled on our hook up date twice?
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