Interpreting these text messages?

girl texts boy : hey how are you? We should hang out sometime

boy replies: Yes we should what are you doing this weekend?

Girl replies: Not sure atm.what about you?

Boy doesn't respond?

But thing is boy gave girl his number in the first place. And texted her not long after meeting seeing what she was doing.

Did girl screw it up?

Should girl text a different weekend suggesting to hang.

Did he think I wasn't interested in a hang with my answer?



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  • Are you interested to hang out with him? If yes then make plan to hangout on weekend when you are free.

    • So do you think that he was hoping to hang out?

      and yes I am. very much so.

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    • Thanks :) again. He has texted me and spoke to me again. Interested for sure

    • That's good I am glad to hear from you.

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  • how long has it been since you sent that text message?

    • A few days ago......

      was he suggesting a hang?

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  • You didn't screw anything up.. Don't over think it..

    He'll text you when he text you.