Why are guys too shy to talk to me?

Okay so I know there are guys who like me and or find me attractive, but for some reason these guys won't get the guts to talk to me. I've been told by my friends that these guys think I'm pretty or that they like me. I don't understand why they won't take the opportunity to talk to me. Instead they admire me from a far, I want to change this. I mean the worst that could happen is I reject them. Aside from that I just don't get why, I'm a well liked person and I'm very nice, but some reason they are afraid of taking to me. I would like for them to actually approach me, because I could like some of these guys if I possibly got to know them better.

I don't really want to reach out myself because I just don't reach out, I know I should, but I'm very awkward when trying to start a conversation in my opinion. Is there any way I can make myself more approachable without talking to them myself directly? Also could somebody tell me why they are afraid of talking to me?
Why are guys too shy to talk to me?
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