Really don't know how to title this?

so I am 26 and about to transition from 7 years in the Army. instead of going the money route and making the big bucks with a lucrative career doing what I do now, but as a civilian, I am following my personal goals and ambitions.

Now, getting out and starting over at 26/27 to go to school and start a business will leave me in the professional class of a 20-22 year old minus a college degree.

So am I going to be looked at like a loser who doesn't have his shit together by women my age and older who are educated and working in their respective fields?
How do you think I will be perceived by women?

if you agree with one of the polls please choose one, if not a comment is great too.
Too much hassle to get involved with
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Too old to start from square 1
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He needs to be at least on my level
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what a loser
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At least he is trying
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Ooh I like ambition
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Really don't know how to title this?
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