Do guys judge a woman based on her past? Can her past be a deal breaker? Please read?

Like, if you see this girl and you are interested in her but then found out she dated a jerk, a womanizer, and was ''one of the hoes'' of some dude... is that a total deal breaker? Does he think ''oh she must be a hoe, dumb, airhead'' or something?

Okay so I am currently chatting with a guy (lets call him G) who I think is a player but well I am bored so I just go with the flow. But there is this guy I am genuinely interested in (Lets call him D), the thing is its been months since we last saw each other, and there has been no contact. I thought I would never see him again. I found this hot, smooth talker guy, G, and well I was like oh well I will just say yes to him (he asked me out), BUT weeks later I found out I will see D again in like two weeks.

Only thing I'm worried about is if: what if we talk and all and everything goes right but then he founds out I went out with this other guy? Will he think I'm a basic hoe?

JUST TO ADD: No, I didn't sleep with G, Nor I plan on doing so. I am a virgin. Hell I have not even kissed anyone! I have just went out with ONE boy. It has been 3 months since the thing with my first ''love'' ended, so when G asked me out I was hopeless and he cheered me up. And because I'm not even sure if D will ever be interested in him, I won't reject G because of some guy I don't even know if he likes me.

I don't know G that well, as he moved out of our hometown months ago but will be back for summer. But I am afraid that he might have a reputation I don't know about? He seems like a good guy, but his ''fuckboy'' signs are strong. Again, I don't personally care if he loves me or not. He probably just wants to go out with a hot girl. And I'm ok with it. I see this as a no strings attached date. I have the reputation of the innocent and good girl... But If I go out with a guy with a bad reputation will mine be ruined? Will it ruin my chances with future suitors?
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OKAY. This is getting annoying. I KNOW everyone gets judged by their past bc the past forms you and boa blah. But is going out with a bad guy, and not doing anything (sex or anything dirty), gonna make me look bad?
Do guys judge a woman based on her past? Can her past be a deal breaker? Please read?
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