My heart is confused, what's a guy to do?

I saw a girl I like the other day that girl:
we were both at the same event and I went and said hi
gave her a hug, then we wandered a bit together
I asked if she was free later and she said she a previous engagement and I was like okay cool
then later I touched her shoulder and she was like 'It's a date! my previous engagement is a date!'
and I was like 'okay'
kinda stared at each other and she was like 'WHAT?' and I looked at her and just said 'no we're good I'll talk to you about it later'

When she was leaving I told her I owe her some wine (cause I do from a bet) and said let's make that happen and she said let's

then when she left she was all 'by darling and gave me a hug and cheek kiss with the mush sound effect

whats the deal? I don't want to lose this one
My heart is confused, what's a guy to do?
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