Do you think he likes me more than a friend or not?

My guy friend and I have been close for over a year now. We talk about pretty much everything and anything- home life, school, friends, music, family and even sex. He trusts me and I trust him. We're always honest with each other and we talk pretty frequently on Snapchat. We share secrets with each other that we wouldn't share with other people and I'm his closest female friend. We don't always see eye to eye and but we resolve things respectfully when we do disagree.

The problem is that my feelings for him have evolved from platonic to romantic/sexual. I want to go out with him but I don't know if I'm his type. We tease each other but I'm pretty sure that's normal. If I do tell him and he doesn't like me in that way I don't want to embarrass myself and wreak a really good friendship just because I want something more. I really hoped that the feelings would go away but it's been almost six months and they haven't. What do you guys think? Should I make a move?
Do you think he likes me more than a friend or not?
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