What to do with my crush?

Just would like to say sorry for the length of this ahead of time...

Hey guys so I have a crush on a boy that sits next to me in my civics class. I've never had a real conversation with him but I have to work with him on assignments because we sit next to each other. One time I was working with him and he made a small joke and I giggled and he laughed too.. and I sit next to the window so sometimes he'll be looking out the window but I'm never sure if he's looking at me or just out the window.. although one time when we were working together I was talking and he was looking at me and then I looked up at the teacher and he kept staring at me for like 5 seconds, and one day at lunch my friends and I were walking in the courtyard and he was sitting out there too and my friend said that he was looking our way a few ines... all of these things could be a coincidence, obviously, or I'm just letting my feeling get in the way of my brain but I dunno.

Anyways, my friend offered to me to tell him at the end of the year that "her friend was interested in him" and then point me out.. so that if he says no then I won't have to see him for the whole summer, or if he says yes then great! But I was just wondering what you guys thought? Does this stuff mean nothing or possibly that he may like me too? Should I have my friend tell him about me (I'm way too shy to actually speak to him myself ya know)
What to do with my crush?
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