5 Year Relationship and just found a deal breaker?

Me & my girlfriend have been dating for 5 years now. We are both 23 years old - I am very career focused and when I met her she was the exact same way. Since high school my drive has only increased as I've had internships and have had many career goals while still pursuing higher education. She's had some bumps along the road and has yet to finish college, she's also change her mind on what she wants to do. However even when she's decided on her career path she continues to second-guess, give up, or doubt herself. It's bothering me a lot that in someway I feel as though she is wasting her potential. After dating the love of my life for five years I'm realizing that dating someone who is not a self-starter, self-motivated and/or a positive thinker is a big deal breaker for me. I feel as though she's focus more on our life together and when will get married rather than her own career success. I've tried to motivate her in many ways finding jobs, internships, events, and basically a variety of things that have motivated me continuously, but she recently made it very clear that she does not want my help. I feel as though when she does take steps forward they are very tiny steps that will not make an impact on her success. Please provide advice, tips, or anything. I don't know what to do
5 Year Relationship and just found a deal breaker?
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