Not accepting her past is my Arrogance or my Standards?

I was dating a woman (22 years old) who had a promiscuous/slutty past. I am a virgin (26 years old) and saved myself for special someone, because according to me, being single is better than being with a mediocre type of person.

I found out about her slutty past through my mutual friends , my friends told me she was engaged to a guy and infact she was living-in with that guy and had loads of sex and I rejected her without telling her any reason,

She found that my friends told me about her slutty past and said that I am arrogant , but I said No I have standards.

She never asked about my past , infact having sex for her was nothing more than having a glass of water.

Am I wrong? Am I arrogant to have standards?
Yes, you are wrong. Past should be left in past. If she was loyal to you when she was with you that's all that matters. Everyone has a past.
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No, you are not wrong. You have standards. You want a woman with same values like you.
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Not accepting her past is my Arrogance or my Standards?
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