Why are light skinned women so picky?

I noticed that light skinned women are very picky when it comes to men who are not dark skinned. It seems that a guy who is dark skinned or black can be a 2-3 in looks and to light skinned women he is an 8 and they become crazy about him. If a man is white he has to be at least a 5-6 to have a shot with them. The worse part is if you are light skinned and don't look white. If that's the case, you need to be an 8 or higher in order to have a chance with a light skinned woman. I am talking about light skinned Latinas and white women when mentioning this. I am light skinned and don't look white and not handsome so I struggle with them and they almost never notice me. If I was dark skinned or black I could have a chance, or if I was white also, but being a light skinned non-white who is not an 8 or higher on the attractiveness scale I struggle.
Why are light skinned women so picky?
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