Im having problems with seeing how Girls view "nice guys" and "Assholes". help?

Girls are real fast to say that all guys are assholes whenever a interest or someone does them "dirty" or wrong. they unfairly blame all guys cause a couple guys they wanted messed up. i get it, they're mad ATM about the situation and are HOPEFULLY speaking out of hurt.

now here is where i get confused. When they meet a Decent guy who seems to have it all together and what not, he's from the start is seen as a fake or " Just nice till you tell them no or Get what they want ( sex) ". What? like aren't you already setting this guy up for failure with this mind set?

This is when the "Just because you're nice doesn't mean you are entitled to sex" agurment starts. and i agree with that. but why complain that all guys are assholes, then Complain that Nice guys only want sex.

You are literally conufusing some of us lmao. what exactly do you want.

im starting to think this is less a problem with guys, but more of a problem with the girl not being real with her self or just having horrible taste in guys. as some of the girls who do speak out on this say, "nice guys aren't fun, boring , attractive or etc" (Again fair enough) but still funny as hell.
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yes i know what im doing at the end is "Victim blaming". But i feel this is one of the few cases where its acceptable
Im having problems with seeing how Girls view "nice guys" and "Assholes". help?
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