How am I flawed?

I am 21 and I have NEVER been in a relationship with a girl. I have several girl friends, but never been more then that. I do have one who I think of more as a sister, and she has just had her 1 year with her boyfriend and she left the area to live closer to him earlier this year. I am just tired of wondering why I am so lonely. And everytime I see a friend my age with their signifigant other, a piece of my soul cries out because I have not found that person that I can talk to, snuggle with, be my real self with and most importantly, show my affection to in public without being embarised that I am showing it. Can you help me figure out my flawsm
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Never been to college, but can't pay for it.
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I keep my circles closed to Church and work
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To scared to say my real feelings.
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How am I flawed?
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