Whats wrong with Females nowdays?

I think nowdays, Females don't want to wait at all.

Like you take a woman on a date and dont bang her on 1st or 2nd date , then she loses interest in you and moves on.
Im a type of guy that likes to know people before sex.
1 , 2, 3 dates is nothing if you want to know someone.
But women think its weakness on guy's part or he is not confident and they just move on.
I mean this is f*cked up.
If the relation starts with sex, then how can it develop into something meaningful later on?
Or nowdays dating is all about sex?
Yeah dude, nowdays dating is all about sex.
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No, there are women out there who will appreciate you taking time and moving things slow. But such women are becoming rare.
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Whats wrong with Females nowdays?
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