Why are men so rude nowadays?

Long story short, I made a pof account and a really successful and good looking guy messaged me. I'm a pharmacist so I was looking for someone similar.

We exchanged numbers and we texted for a good hour and he was so much fun to text! I've gotten used to kinda boring texts from guys so I was really flattered. Anyways he asked me out for next Wednesday but I said no and then he asked me out for Monday and I couldn't.

After that we exchanged a few more texts and poof! Just like that he stopped replying and I have not heard from him since. I understand that he might of been upset that I couldn't meet up but you don't just go poof like that... it's unbelievably rude and incredibly hurtful.

Should I text him back and why are guys so f&*%kin rude nowadays?
Why are men so rude nowadays?
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