I just broke up, what do I do?

I dated this guy for 6 months and we were really exclusive in the relationship. I really love him and he did too. Even though we were dating, we were loyal towards one another and did not date anyone else. However, we talk everyday in whatsapp and call but we rarely meet each other due to work and education. He is in army and studying and also has family problems. I understood him and did give in a lot but with the lack of communicate we used to everyday argue with each other especially I. I cried and was upset overthinking about unnecessary things. Therefore, he actually left me saying that I always argue and he makes me cry. I did beg him a lot to stay and tried my best to beg him and spammed him with a lot of messages. I even messaged his family members to talk to me and finally he messaged me saying that we can be friends. However, he said if I am going to argue his family members won't help me and he would not bother. It has been about 2 weeks since we broke up and he does message me good morning and goodnight. I used to go behind him and beg for him and say i miss you and love you but now for the past 2 days I am not replying him much and today I did not reply him for the message 'congrats for doing well in your test and continue to strive!' . Should I reply him or should I take some time and reply him? Would he wonder and miss me if I don't go behind him as usual? Honestly, he thinks he is high up there and thinks big about himself as I go behind him begging for his love and to let me stay in his life as at least a friend for now. What should I do?
I just broke up, what do I do?
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