Ladies what do you think about this?

My name is Saiquan. I recently moved to the Charleston area about 6 months ago. I can't stand sitting around the house I have to be outside and I have to be active. I love meeting new people. I love trying new things. I get really shy and timid around women, particularly beautiful women, and I also have social but I'm attending group therapy to overcome it and I'm making some pretty amazing strides. I'm 26 Still Into the whole night club and partying thing. People give me energy even though I'm really introverted and I do like my alone time so it's kind of ironic. I don't know if you follow Myers-Briggs personality types, but I'm an INFJ. So if you really want to get a good idea as to who you're dealing with just Google that. Im 6'4, African American, 26, athletic, and I'm currently in school for small business/ entrepreneurialship. Generally people describe me as being handsome and I often times catch girls and even guys checking me out when I'm out jogging. The scary thing is, I catch guys checking me out more than girls. Whenever I go to bars or clubs almost every single time and not to sound conceited but almost every time I have girls come and sit next to me or purposefully bump into me or make contact with me. I've even had a couple of bartenders hit on me. If that doesn't happen almost without fail there will be a gentlemen sit down next to me and start talking to me. People who meet me say that they're surprised that I have social anxiety and even more surprised that I have difficulties with women because I'm very talkative and very outspoken and I come off as being very confident but however I'm lacking inner game. I love traveling, sight seeing, exploring new areas, and I love food.

Side notes:

I'm attracted to fair skinned ladies.

Because of my social anxiety up to this point at least I haven't gone out and really interacted much with women.

I'm NOT gay.

How can I make myself more attractive to women?

Ladies what do you think about this?
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