Is there a point in making it official?

So there's this guy and we knew eachother pretty well but I had never really seen him in a romantic way, he asked me to the grad and at the start it was just cuz we both needed dates but the more we hung out and texted feelings grew and we both told eachother that we liked eachother, it feels perfect because I love how surprising it was like we never intentionally fell for eachother, the only problem is I want to be with him officially and I think he would like to be with me but he's moving to England at the end of summer so even if we get together we will only have 3 months together, he told me at the start that he didn't want to mess up and now I get what he meant, like I think the reason he hasn't asked asked me to be his girlfriend is because he's moving but I'm kinda just thinking if we get together have the three months together then he leaves I'll be hurt, if we don't get together and spend the summer together anyway I'll be hurt when he leaves anyway so while I would love to be with him the end result will be the same so what's the point in being official, I guess I just wish he could be mine fully rather then just being that guy that I'm not dating but am dating cuz I always get in situations like this and I hate it 😂 don't really know what I'm asking you's I guess I just needed a rant 😂 Let me know what you's think anyway
Is there a point in making it official?
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