My respect for her depends on her past, Am I arrogant?

If I meet a woman, and I find out that she is involved with a guy and then she is flirting with me too.
Basically, lining me up and then she dumps the current guy.

Now, most young women are just too weak to go single, and this is usually what they do, they line someone up and then break it off with the current guy, and I have seen it enough times to get repulsed by this behaviour.
This shows total lack of integrity, lack of self respect and lack self esteem and lack of honesty and lack of loyalty.
If you are not happy in a relationship, then the honourable thing is to break it off and be single.
I dont care if you had 50 guys in the past, as long as you remained loyal to everyone and not jumped from one guy to the other and flirted with a ton of dudes at the same time.

Why is loyalty so important to me? Why am I so obsessed with a woman being loyal? Is something wrong with me?
Dude, you have standards and you have values. Its what you want in a woman. You are not wrong , you are right.
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Yes, you are wrong. You are arrogant and selfish. You have unreasonable expectations of a partner.
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My respect for her depends on her past, Am I arrogant?
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