Dealing with rejection?

Im 20 years old and I never had a girl, never even a kiss, nothing. Simply, no woman ever wanted me. At all.

There have been about 15-20 girls that I wanted and tried to be with but they rejected me, and a billion girls who simply made it clear from the beginning I was unwanted so I never even tried.

I watched some youtube videos, and guys there said that you shouldn't care about rejection, its natural, some people will like you, some won't.

My problem is, every girl I have ever encountered in my life DIDN'T want me. So Im afraid of talking to girls because every next rejection I would get would be harder and harder for me, since it would just confirm my belief that no woman in this world would be with me. Just like going into a fight already beaten up and broken. If you understand. So what could I do to overcome this?
Dealing with rejection?
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