Guys what would you want?

would you want a girl to start talking to you online if you were on or to text you right after your date..?

i been on a date with this guy 2 times now

the 1st time I went out with him I texted him the day after and he didn't respond or talk to me for like 3 weeks he said he was busy with exams and apologized and than he talked to me on and times but he still wanted to go out and finally we did on Monday but I haven't talked to him since..and he's been online but he hasn't talked to me...

so basically what I'm wondering is that

do guys like to have a little space before girls begin to talk to them again after dates? if long should I Waite cause I do miss him...

thanks :)


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  • Hello,

    It sounds to me like he's not interested.. however to answer the substance of your question.. I do like space between dates, now I personaly HATE texts.. there just WAY to easy to misread.. its better to call.. arrange a date and then telk to them whilst your on the date so there's no confusion..

    but yes if a girl has enjoyed the date I feel better if she tells be when I walk her home - to her car..

    Good luck



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  • I don't think he is interested


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  • He's not that in to you. He should be texting you after the date to tell you how much fun he had. How busy is anyone these days that they cannot send a text? Worse is that he has been online and not talked to you? No guy who wants to keep a girl would ever act like this. Don't contact him and I would ignore his contact when he finally gets around to it.