What do I do? Please lend some real insight?

This is very important to me. I love a woman that for many reasons cannot see for a long time (5 months to a year). A successful business failed and I became homeless as a result. My business partner played a big role in its failure and spoke very bad about me to her to the point that she cut all communication with me. He wants to literally kill me if I am seen by him and cannot be around her because of it. I have other means of contacting her other than normal hangouts (phone number, her residence, her job) but can't talk to her right now because she hates me for the time being. She is a confused person that gave me a chance after having many bad experiences with men. I wanted to be with her and she was with me for about a year. I desperately tried to show her there are still good men in the world. She is 31, no kids, turned to alcohol to cope and doesn't speak any English. Cuban. We both are. I can eventually try to find her again. It has been over a month since I've seen her and my feelings are the same for her. What should I do after time passes? I can't do anything now. Is it right to let time pass by so she can reflect and pop up back in her life? Will she still hold a grudge? My business partner humiliated her in front of everyone by saying I was just trying to use her and have had sex with her with drugs. She believed him and the stories he said. I never meant to hurt her feelings in any way and feel like there is unfinished business. We both have expressed our passion for one another and it is as if we are destined to be together but cannot be. Tell me what you think. Please do because this has brought a depression I cannot bear to stand.
What do I do? Please lend some real insight?
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