How can I have a good makeout in a car with a guy?

I've been talking and have known a guy for seven months, we flirt, gone out twice, talk of personal things or of anything, gives me rides home sometimes from work, been 2 my house before to see movies & makeout, we've madeout already in his car, etc.
its been a while since we have kissed and now we have more personal, couple talks & flirt more, I want to kiss him really bad now and he seems like it too, he wanted to give me a ride home the other day since we work together and something came up so I couldn't but next time he gives me a ride I want our kiss or makeout to be exciting and different, but how? I get very aroused with him but I'll just makeout for a bit. He's very kind and understanding too.
Is it bad to makeout a lot? Should I just give a kiss or two goodbye? How can I make this makeout different and exciting?
How can I have a good makeout in a car with a guy?
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