Should a guy pay on the first date?

Ok i want to pose this to all of you on here as it's very controversial. Do you think the guy should pay on the first date? You should go Dutch (split the bill) or that the woman should at least offer?
I met up with a guy casually at an event we were both attending anyway and we got food after. He was shocked when I got my purse out and said I was the coolest girl or something. He told me no girl had ever offered to pay, we went halves. I didn't see it as a date though and now we are planning a date I'd like to know whether to do the same again or not.
The guy should pay for the date
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The bill should be split equally between both of you
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The woman should offer to pay (the guy chooses whether to accept or not)
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Should a guy pay on the first date?
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