Should I lower my standards?

So I recently moved to a new school where everybody treats me like I'm really pretty. I had insecurity issues so I only dated nerdy boys who haven't ever had girlfriends and wanted one. It never would last very long. It was awkward not being physically attracted to somebody who you are seeing, especially when they had social issues where they were embarrassed about dating or they couldn't talk to me etc. It took me a VERY long time to accept this was because I was out of their league. The thought crossed my mind, yet I didn't want to accept it, as saying I'm out of somebody's league is probably rude or unlikely. However, that all changed one day when I dated an attractive man for four months, and then the most popular guy in school for a month. I always hear girls complain about how men are creepy and the ones they like just want them for sex. I realize now that is me. Should I re-lower my standards to get a boyfriend or wait for someone who is on my level?
Should I lower my standards??
Get a nerdy boyfriend, even if they were super awkward.
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Should I lower my standards??
Wait for somebody who matches my current standards I spent so long raising
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Should I lower my standards?
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