How to bring up a first kiss with a date?

I'm currently dating this girl, she wants to take it really slow, we've had a few dates and we never run out of things to talk about, find out interests etc etc. I'm pretty sure now that she's interested in me as I am in her. she was even telling me how she's done trying to go out with just hot guys who are jerks, and I could take offense to that but I'm honest, I know I'm not super good looking so I take that as a good sign. (I'm just an average guy lol so good for me). but like I said she likes to takes things real slow so I'm just curious how would I bring up something like a kiss, obviously I could just go for it one day if I'm feeling its the right moment, but is it ever OK to just ask one night, how would you go about asking her or what's the best way to do it.


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  • I say you just go for it. Do you flirt with her? Any touchy feel stiff going on? Does she touch you at all? If she does just go for it and don't even think about starting a relationship with this girl. Let her ask you about the relationship and where it is going. Do not ask her.

    • Yea when we're walking sometimes she'll take my arm and put hers through mine little things but she's slow like I said. Everytime I drop her off she just kinda stands there and kinda holds my hand and says goodnight.

    • Slow as in she doesn't want to jump into a relationship. That could mean she is just dying to hook up without any strings attached.