I think I like too many guys?

You know, typical girls ask each other who they like, they say who then the next persons says who they like etc. Well when I say who I am crushing on it's usually like 5 guys./: No, I don't do things with all of them, I eventually choose one, but is this normal to crush on more than 2 people?! I feel bad for liking more than one guy, but each guy has qualities I really like. Although I'm not doing anything with any of them, other than a quick kiss from time to time, does this make me slutty?


Audrina Marie.(:

By the kissing thing I mean like if a guy give me a ride home and he leans over and gives me a quick kiss (which is usually one guy who I ask to give me a ride).


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  • i think you can like more than one guy, its normal, you can't control it.

    but kissing them all isn't aight, you gotta chose then kiss.

  • Nothing wrong with dating and trying to find out what you like in a guy...


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