Why can't I see him?

Okaii So I'm dating this guy and my dad FORBIDS me to see him just because I met him online. I really REALLY miss him and he can never come out here because, once again my dad won't let him. I've tried talking to my dad but he just won't let me how can I see My Boyfriend with out disobeying my dad?


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  • allow me to copy/paste what I found on Facebook one day this last week

    [MY FRIEND'S MOTHER]My good friend's

    daughter, [GIRL], is missing. She is SPECIAL NEEDS! She was last

    seen in [CITY, STATE] June 19th with [FIRST MIDDLE LAST NAME OF GUY] of [CITY , STATE]. She met [GUY] online and for the first time face to face

    yesterday, June 19th. [GUY] is hispanic and 6'6. He is not hard to

    miss due to his height. If you have ANY info on her whereabouts please

    contact the [COUNTY] Sheriff's Dept [PHONE NUMBER] PLEASE REPOST!

    [info removed]

    this got around fast

    she was found two days after being declared missing, I have no more details than that.

    if you do end up meeting, bring a friend... as lame as it may sound, don't go alone.


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