I hate where I am, what should I do and how?

So I broke up with my boyfriend of 1 and a half years, mostly because I wasn't happy and the rest because I knew he wasn't what I wanted for my future. I am actually very picky when it comes to guys. I don't want to be but if I'm on a date with a guy I'm not attracted to, I start to feel sick. I feel soooo bad. So anyways, I like these 2 guys, one at my work who I found out quit and I didn't even get a chance to get his number, and the other works close to me but another guy at his work asked for my number and I don't like him but I gave it to him, I want the cute guys number, lol but I don't want to be a slut about it and the guy who asked works with him all the time, so what do I do?

It's not like I literally get sick from going out with guys I don't find attractive, I just can't wait until its over and I can not wait until the date is over. I dnt mean physically attractive, I just mean not my type.


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  • If the guy who you don't like calls you or asks you out just say sorry but you changed your mind.

    If you literally get sick from being on a date with a guy you don't like, then do date those kinda guys and if you have insurance get checked out to see if you have a condition. I know that I used to get sick from my anxiety disorder, but I don't know what it could be about unattractive guys that makes you sick.


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